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Free to Be Well

I was prescribed hormonal birth control as a way to manage my adolescent acne. After several years, I still had acne, so I got off the pill to try more holistic methods of managing my skin. 

Enter: hormone withdrawal.

I already thought my periods were bad. They got worse.

The sucky days of a period range from 5-12 days. There's roughly 30 days a month, 12 months in a year, and since getting my period at 11, that's way too many sucky days to count.

Did you know our periods are NOT supposed to be horrible?

The achy boobs, crippling cramps, migraines.

I was over it. 

I wanted to be free to feel like myself every day, all month long. 

So I researched every natural remedy I could find, and after months of random concoctions (have you ever tried garlic mushroom powder tea?) with no results, I finally found a combination of supplements that finally worked for me. 

No achy boobs. No crippling cramps. No migraines. 

I was finally free to be well.

twenty8 is a natural, healthy way to get my hormones under control after years of being on the pill and finally getting off of it.

Now I'm here to share what I've found.

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your period shouldn't disrupt your life

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